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Company Overview


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My name is Yana Brikker and I am a Toronto-based personal shopper and wardrobe stylist for women and men. I am also a certified Image Consultant who takes great pride in transforming men and women into the confident and attractive people they aspire to be as a pathway to success.

It is well known that first impressions are made in a matter of seconds. Well dressed people are perceived to be more likable, more qualified and more educated than those who are not. They are also given greater social business opportunities.

What does your first impression say about YOU?

Why not ASK YANA?

Ask Yana Inc. is an affordable, appearance management service available to those who want to put their best foot forward. I put the fun in complete makeovers while staying within your budget as I am a treasure, bargain, and deal hunter. I know where to find some of the best deals, as well as my own personal extensive wholesale network with prices often considerably less than that of full-priced retail.

Put your trust in me! With efficiency and with minimal time commitment, I will revise, revamp, and revitalize your look and wardrobe for you to live your best life. Whether offering suggestions, organizing your closets or shopping for a new wardrobe, I will create an appearance that leaves a most memorable first impression.

A unique and unparalleled experience is what you will receive, and discretion is what I offer and guarantee.
... and I do it all with care, compassion and comedy!

Make this YOUR year to exceed all your life goals starting with the new YOU!!!

Personal Styling ・ Shopping ・ Wardrobe Organizing
Women’s fashion ・ Men’s fashion

"I will open my heart and services to anyone who wants to better their life"

- Yana Brikker

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